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Grandpa Barrie at the Norwalk, CT Children's Museum. August 2007

Swasey School Jump Rope Club. Brentwood 4th of July parade. 2007

My other family! Mike, Pat and Tony Mandravelis July 2007

"yes, I'm thinking about being a Fireman when I grow up" July 4, 2007

Psyched for summer!

Market Square Day, Portsmouth June 9, 2007

"Happy Birthday Sweet Angel" June 2, 2007

"Cake, cake and more cake!"

Happy 7th Birthday. June 2, 2007

A.B. Hearty pre-school Graduation. June 22, 2007

Mrs. Lutch's 1st grade glass at the Apple Orchards. May 2007

"Fun in the Sun" April 2007