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The Damson, Lazarus and Constance familes. Bonita Springs, Fla April 2007

"Lots of love"

"Locks for Love: Before...April 2007

"Locks for Love: After!" April 2007

Caleb as Ed Grimley, April 2007

"More cake...and Ice Cream"

And still another cake!

"Happy Birthday Little Man" April 23, 2007

Caleb's 4th Birthday. April 23, 2007

Eliya-Quaye and Caleb rock out with the Doodlebobs, March 2007

American Girl friends, Eliya-Quaye & Lisa!

Caleb gets a trim

"Happy Birthday Grandma"

"Hmmm, my last year of pre-school. I'm looking forward to what the future brings!"

"I loved Lords of Dogtown"

"Mom & Dad, all duded up for Saturday night!"

"Revan and Linden Lazarus, Eliya-Quaye and Caleb, formerly known as DEVO"

"Snatch the pebble from my hand grasshopper"

"The train conductor says take the rails Driver 8"

"So you wanna be a rock and roll star?"

"Happy Birthday Mommy!" January 3, 2007