2008 Photos (July - Oct)



Caleb and Snuggles at Rye Airfield, October 1, 2008

"Yes, I can do anything include horseback riding" September 2008

Eliya-Quaye as "George Gershwin" and Morgan Williamson as "Louis Armstrong" Famous American Day at Swasey School. September 26, 2008

Eliya-Quaye, Nicole Mayne and Caleb. August 2009

Eliya-Quaye, Alana Lampert and Caleb. We have great babysitters!!! August 2008

"So HOT, so COOL" August 2008

Caleb Forte Constance, 1st day of school(Kindergarten) August 27, 2008

Eliya-Quaye Constance, 1st day of school(3rd grade). August 27, 2008

The Caleb twins! Constance and Johnson. July 2008

"Face painting"

"Who's on the other side of that camera?"

"So you wanna be a rock and roll star?"