2008-2009 Photos (Oct - Feb)


Bethany and Mark aka Eliya-Quaye and Caleb's Mom & Dad!!!

"So, you wanna mess with me and my buddy, T-Rex???" Natural History Museum, NYC. October 12, 2009

Boo! Halloween 2008

Halloween 2008 at Mrs. Marshall's house(my 3rd grade teacher!!!)

Grandfriends Day with Grandma Iris at Swasey School, November 24, 2008

Grandfriends day with Grandma Iris at Swasey School, November 24, 2008

"Daddy, we live in New Hampshire not Mooseachusetts!!!" November 5, 2008

Caleb and Eliya-Quaye, Thanksgiving 2008

What great faces!!!

Caleb and Eliya-Quaye with Ole St Nick. Christmas 2008

Caleb with cousins Revan and Linden Lazarus, new years night 2009, Hawk's Cay, Florida

Caleb and cousin Revan Lazarus. New Years Eve 2008, Hawk's Cay Florida

Eliya-Quaye with cousins Charlotte and Olivia Damson. New Years night, Hawk's Cay, Florida

Eliya-Quaye and cousin Charlotte Damson, New Years Eve 2008, Hawk's Cay, Florida

"Happy Birthday Mommy" January 3, 2009, Hawk's Cay, Florida

Eliya-Quaye aka "Sadie Rabinowitz", Swasey School Immigration Day, January 8, 2009

Piloting Uncle Arthur's boat. Florida, February 2009

"Hey Grandpa Barrie, can we go for a ride on the golf cart?" Florida, February 2009