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"Yes, Dad, I can see you through the lense"!!! July 2008

Brown-eyed girl and boy!!! July 2008

Caleb, Naqui and Eliya-Quaye. July 9, 2008

Eliya-Quaye with her doggy dog, Naqui!!! July 9, 2008

"Hey Dad, did you know the Celtics won the NBA championship???"

Caleb off to Exeter Skyhawks camp. July 9, 2008

Eliya-Quaye and all of Webkinz(all 35 of them...and she can name them all!!!) July 2008

Daddy roots on KG, Ray, and Paul. Go CELTICS!!! BANNER 17!!! June 2008

Caleb's next stop: Swasey Central School Kindergarten

Caleb graduates from A.B. Hearty, June 20, 2008

What a cool little man!!! Caleb graduates from A.B. Hearty pre-school, June 20, 2008

"Ok, I'm off to join Eliya-Quaye at Swasey School" June 20, 2008