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My good friend Megan Hott!

Daddy and Grammy Delli

My first snow storm:  NYC!

Three Generations:
Grandma Iris, me and mommy!

Cousins Charlotte and Olivia!

Uncle Blair and Cousin Olivia.

Aunt Sarah and Cousins Charlotte and Olivia 

Cousin Revan!

My "Savon Mommy" 

Mother's Day 2002, with
Grammy Delli.

Dr. Marik: "who made me"...

Daddy and Aunt Sarah

Cousin Zoe, Aunt Laura and Aunt Cynthia 

Grandpa Barrie's boat..

Grandpa Barrie's 65th Birthday Party!

Aunt Laura

My first babysitter, Paige..

Godfather Uncle Jay.

Nany Joan and Grandpa Barrie


The webdude, aka, "BeerStud"

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